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About Us

About Finance AI

Finance AI is an innovative technology that utilizes artificial intelligence to process and analyze large amounts of financial data. It merges AI and machine learning with traditional finance to offer advanced financial services, including investment advice, Intelligence Platform, trading, and risk analysis.

The aim of finance AI projects is to develop cutting-edge software and tools that enhance the decision-making process and streamline financial processes. The range of tools offered by finance AI projects will be customized to meet each user's specific investment goals and financial situation, including robo-advisory platforms, trading signal bots, risk management systems, and Investment Coach.

Finance AI represents a futuristic technology that leverages the power of artificial intelligence to unlock the full potential of financial data on a large scale.


How Finance AI will be change Finance Landscape?

AI-powered financial forecasting platform: This platform would use artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze historical data and market trends to provide accurate financial forecasts for individuals and businesses.

AI-powered portfolio management tool: This tool would use machine learning algorithms to analyze market trends and automatically re-balance portfolios to maximize profitability.

AI-powered investment advisor: This platform would use AI algorithms to analyze an individual's investment history and provide personalized advice on investments.



Finance AI

Name: Finance AI
Chain: BEP-20
Max Supply: 1 Billion (1,000,000,000)
Transaction tax: No Tax on Transactions

Token Distribution

Public Sale tokens 25%
Liquidity 15%
Staking Reward 10%
Exchange Listing 15%
Development Reserve: 25%
Initial Burn: 10%
Finance AI Trading Signal Bot

A finance AI trading signal bot is a software tool that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze financial market data and generate trading signals.

Financial Intelligence Platform

Financial Intelligence Platform is a tool or system that uses artificial intelligence and data analytics to provide real-time insights and intelligence on financial markets, assets, and investments.

Finance AI Powered Stake Tracker

An AI Powered Stake Tracker is a tool that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to monitor and manage cryptocurrency staking operations.

Finance AI Smart Wallet

A finance AI wallet is a digital platform that utilizes artificial intelligence to enhance cryptocurrency portfolio management, providing real-time market insights.

Finance AI Investment Coach

AI Investment Coach is a tool that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to provide personalized investment advice and guidance.

Finance AI Telegram AI Bot GPT3

A finance AI Telegram bot using GPT-3 technology would be a conversational bot that utilizes the natural language processing capabilities of OpenAI's GPT-3 language model to provide financial information



Stage 1
Stage 1

Website and Community Building

Global Marketing Campaign

CoinMarketCap & CoinGecko Listing

Telegram AI Bot GPT3


BSCScan Verification

Staking Dashboard

Stage 2
Stage 2

Commence Fairlaunch

Launching on Pancakeswap

Release Trading Signal Bot

Listing on Tier-1 CEXs

Finance AI Powered Stake Tracker

Viral Twitter Marketing Campaign

Complete Certik Audit

Stage 3
Stage 3

Revamp Whitepaper

Celebrity Partnership

TrustWallet Logo

Finance AI Investment Coach

Website V2 Release

Financial Intelligence Platform

Expanding Ecosystem

Further Tier-1 Exchange Listing

Stage 4
Stage 4

Expanding Ecosystem

Revamp Daaps UI

Copytrader Statistical Analysis

Sponsorship & Partnership Worldwide

Celebrity Brand Ambassdors